Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Invisible Woman

Years ago, I read a murder mystery based on the fact that middle-aged women are largely unnoticed. A clever middle-aged woman had recognized that she could make money in a life of crime based on her ordinariness. So she hired herself out to steal things. Nothing sordid like murder, just nice wholesome robbery. Now I have no plans to enter a life of crime, but I was intrigued by the observation. Being a slightly over middle-aged woman myself, I can verify that we do seem to be invisible. Sometimes that riles me rather. But, all in all, I think I probably enjoy being largely invisible. There has been one notable exception to that invisibility, in my life at least. As a Latter-day Saint, I find that I have been anything but invisible. I find that my experience and maturity are greatly valued and it's kind of nice to be looked to as someone who has answers to gospel questions and someone who can be given assignments with an assurance that I will fulfill them. It's nice to feel needed and valued in the Church community - and just as nice to be largely ignored by the community at large. So, I am content to remain an Invisible Woman.

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